- About Nicole Brandon

Nicole Brandon is the human embodiment of a kaleidoscope changing color, light, shades and forms with the mere perspective in which you peer and view.

Nicole is an intoxicating romance writer who has written across the board from romance novels to screenplays, TV shows and major magazine publications on the art of romance and love. Nicole is also a noted writer in Children’s Programming and World Global News Shows. Nicole is also a gifted Ghost Writer, brought in to fix TV shows and to bring up the ratings for major sweep weeks and renewal consideration. Her most proud writing achievements are her personal glory. Her history of writing Greeting Cards, her “Dear John Ghostwriting” service which writes Marriage Proposals and Love Letters, and her “Letters from Santa Claus” business which writes letters to children in hospitals and in need across the nation.

You may know her face from ads, her eyes or her hands which model, or her physical for which donned the cover of a major Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

As an actress you may know her from your favorite show or soap on TV. She is the chameleon of programming, switching nationality, hair colors and accents at the blink of an eye.

Her past childhood performances at Resorts International changed laws in casinos now allowing shows like Cirque de Soleil to be possible today and she has opened such luminaries as Frank Sinatra to Gene Kelley with her song and dance.

America has titled her “Miss Dance of America” and “Miss Acrobat of the United States” and in her spare time she rides horses, sails boats, and figure skates to think, meditate, and empower her life. Today she looks for opportunities to move people forward, to teach flight and the “Art of the Impossible.” Nicole chooses to live all her colors in one rich tapestry she calls her magical, enchanted, life.

Nicole is currently writing books, acting and motivationally speaking, teaching "The Art Of Living" and of course “Artistry In Motion” which is the way she lives.

Nicole was knighted on September 28, 2013 for her Humanitarian Service Worldwide.