2007 - Press Release

Having climbed the ladder of success Nicole Brandon has long since reached high goals, high marks and the pinnacle of wellness and absolute magic in the physical world and health. Starting as a child Nicole won accolades and awards in multitude for her dance and athletic ability. By age 9 she was crowned “Petite Miss Dance Of America” representing the United States of America with her graceful movement and ease of agility and flight. By age 12 she was a world class acrobatic champion for the U.S. and by 14 she was dancing on a casino stage - Resorts International, opening such stars as Buddy Hackett, Bill Cosby, Ann Murray, Rich Little, Cher, Gene Kelley, Vic Damone and countless others who were awed at her physical beauty and enchanting life and presence she brought to a live stage.

Her talents snowballed to shows like “ A Chorus Line, Can-Can with Yvonne DeCarlo, Barnum and Fiddler On The Roof with Theodore Brikel.” You may have seen her on your favorite Music Videos from “Guns and Roses to playing the heart in Boz Scagg’s record breaking hit “Heart Of Mine” on VHI. Her career has expanded from Soaps to Films - Print Ads and most recently on nighttime TV.

Nicole has tested Nature by flying thru the air on the high wire trapeze, to high diving off cliffs over raging seas, to equestrian jumping, to stunts and figure skating - everything with pure passion and delight. As a Gold Medal Teacher for Arthur Murray and a Renowned Dance Teacher she has taught thousands upon thousands of people to dance and fly with excellence and ease and is noted one of the world’s finest teachers of the body in our society today.

Having succumb to a near fatal car accident at the height of her stardom and success Nicole’s body was crushed beyond comprehension and repair, using the skills she spent a lifetime learning Nicole ordered the finest Pilates Equipment noting it’s use in healing and repairing tissues and muscles and vowed to put herself back together. Defying Doctors- X-Rays - Specialists and every spoken or written word.

Nicole used the Principals of Pilates to repair her body and within one year of being told she would never move again, Nicole climbed the Great Wall Of China and performed as a contortionist and acrobat with the Beijing Greats.During this journey she vowed once whole again she would not let a day go by without teaching what she knows about the body.

Nicole has since become an International Teacher Of Teachers in the Pilates Methodology and was granted Master Teaching Status on January of 2005.
Since then Nicole has worked with UCLA Pediatric Pain Department as a Pediatric Pilates Practitioner. She is also renowned for her work with stroke victims, Parkinson patients and is most recognized for her ability to transform a body in record time.

Transforming Lives around the globe from celebrities to new moms and new lives, Nicole has been revered for her excellence in the health and wellness industry. Positive attitudes and optimistic glow of the thrill of transforming a life and sharing it all.

Her newest studio caters to men-women and children, with a full time massage and kinesiologist to round out the pampering and delight.
Having Studied with First Generation Teachers Ron Fletcher and Lolita San Miguel, Nicole continues to pursue Joseph Pilates Dream teaching worldwide and is creating videos and books to help more people on her road to awakening the human form.

Pilates was my Wonka ticket to a healthy and a happy life, she say’s with childlike glee. I can’t wait to share it’s sweetness and beauty. I believe everyone can achieve accomplishing the dream of their body’s ultimate vision and glory. I know, I walked thru the door of the possible and what a body of life it is.